​Ma-engines warranties are void when said products have been physically altered, improperly installed, used or otherwise damaged due to no fault of Ma-engines or has not been used for the said purpose it was intended or for which it was designed. In no case shall Ma-engines be responsible for incidental or consequential damages occurred during operation or as a result of product failure.

These warranties are not assignable or transferable. Warranties do not apply to reground camshafts or components used thereon. Or custom ground camshafts or components used thereon. Under no circumstances is Ma-engines responsible or liable for any other products that may be damaged or destroyed during transportation, operation or installation due to Ma-engines’s lack of control during transportation, installation and operation. Also Ma-engines is not responsible or liable for any other products from other vendors that may damage any other component, engine, motorcycle or the rider due to Ma-engines`s lack of control during transportation, installation and/or operation. Maengines, LLC advises that racing in any form is very dangerous and could result in serious lifelong physical injury or death. 

​The performance products we manufacture and resale/distribute will make your engine and vehicle more powerful. More power could result in an increased risk of serious lifelong injury or death. Please proceed at your own risk. Ma-engines is not responsible for any injury or death that may result from practicing, racing or performing of any kind with our camshafts, components, engines or race prep/set-up. Any dealer or consumer who purchases components, engines or services from Ma-engines, agrees to hold Ma-engines harmless in case of any physical injury or death. Additionally any parent(s) who allows their minor child to race is/are assuming all risk(s) from practicing, racing or performing, including but not limited to serious injury or death and understands the risk(s) involved and agrees to hold Ma-engines, its owners, family members, employees, subcontractors and vendors harmless from liability of any kind.*Our camshafts and components are high performance racing parts not intended for everyday use. They are intended for serious racers and made for optimal power and performance, in a racing application, and are not made for longevity past a normal race. While we do our best to walk a fine line between power, performance and longevity because our components are made for peak performance and power as first priority this may compromise longevity. As a customer you must keep this in mind.*

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