Street bikes

Prices start at 4000 DKR (€355) incl vat.

Stock suspension is rarely set-up for your unique height, weight, skill level and type of riding. Whether you ride to commute, cruise, stunt, or race, you are not getting the most performance out of your suspension unless it is set-up for the type of riding you do. The wrong set-up results in either too harsh a ride, less traction, and lack of control and confidence in your bike.We modify the internal dampening features to give you a customized set-up for your individual weight, ability, riding style. Because our settings are individualized your support does not end at the time of delivery. We will work with you to make your revalve optimum for you with unlimited phone support and rework if needed.

MA Fork and Shock Rebuild

(Recommend every 20 hours)


Forks 1000 dkr (€135) Labor *

Shock 950 dkr (€125) Labor* 

​Rebuilding your suspension would include fully disassembly of the suspension components, cleaning, polishing fork tubes and shock shaft, inspecting all wear parts and fatgued shims, replacing wear parts and then reassemble with new parts and oils. 

To keep suspension performance at its best, we recommend a suspension rebuild every 20 hours of use. If you exceed this point, you will experience loss of damping and wear on the internal parts and system. Rebuild maintenance will keep your suspension more consistent and help eliminate extra wear on your components. At Ma Racing Suspension your rebuild is taken serious!

Also with any rebuild purchase, we will update any new valve settings to any suspension system done by MA for FREE for the life of the bike. We always want our customers riding on the latest technology MA has to offer. 

*Price does not include oil, springs, required parts, seals, bushings, etc. Parts cost may vary depending upon condition of the internal wear items that need to be replaced. A complete estimate (Parts & Labor) can be given once the internal components are cleaned and inspected.

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