MA Fork and Shock Rebuild

(Recommend every 20 hours)


Forks 1000 dkr (€135) Labor *

Shock 950 dkr (€125) Labor*​

Revalve front and rear

Prices start at 4000 DKR (€355) Labor* 

Ma Racing Suspension is designed for the rider who wants and demands the most in both performance and reliability of their suspension. With over 15 years of racing experience, Mikael still decides the setups of all the motorcycle suspensions that comes through the shop. Mikael has become a wizard in the Research & Development of many kinds of parts for production and suspension on Showa, KYB, and WP. This goes for the mini bikes to the big bikes 

Information is gathered and logged to a large data computer software network from hours of testing, data with riders of all abilities and ages. This Revalve service includes customizing it to your size, your weight, terrain, and your riding ability. All our Data information goes into this revalve service. The target is to provide a plush setting on small bumps but become progressive as the

suspension compresses into the stroke.Correct valve settings and spring rates are chosen for the customer, Components are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected for wear. Fork Tubes and Shock shafts are also polished during the inspection process. The components are then assembled correctly with new maintenance parts, proper torque specs and genuine OEM Fluid. No other suspension company provides this type of service! 

We then continue to work with each customer to make sure the revalve is suited for you. That is the type of Service you get from Ma Racing Suspension. Easy shipping directions and a quick turnaround time is guaranteed. SAFETY of the motorcycle is also increased which is our main focus to the rider by using all these critical steps and procedures. 

All suspension revalve services come with Ma Racing Suspension stickers, Setup sheet with clicker settings and a maintenance guide with setting instructions. 

All Ma Racing Suspension Revalves are covered by a 30 day suspension guarantee. The suspension will meet the customers expectations or Ma Racing Suspension will revalve your suspension at no additional charge! When completed your Ma Racing Suspension will be shipped back to your door ready to bolt on and race! We are constantly testing new valve settings and setups, we will install any updated valving specs for you at no additional charge when you pay for a revalve service at Ma Racing Suspension! 

Please fill out the Ma Racing Suspension Service form on the shipping page when you send your suspension in with your CLEAN components. All dirty suspension a 200 dkr (€25) cleaning fee. 

We only use factory Showa, KYB and WP parts.

*Price does not include oil, springs, required parts, seals, bushings, etc. Parts cost may vary depending upon condition of the internal wear items that need to be replaced. A complete estimate (Parts & Labor) can be given once the internal components are cleaned and inspected.

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