ETS Racing Fuels is one of few brands in the world that has the know-how, expertise and fuel experience to provide customised flexible solutions and a full world class service to global customers.

Innovation is at the heart of motorsport and the fuel experts and scientists at ETS Racing Fuels are active members of different standardization organizations and have outstanding records in fuel development technologies.

Additionally, dedicated sales and support teams are on hand to provide exceptional service and bespoke solutions to our customers.
ETS Racing Fuels has consciously positioned itself in highly specialized niche markets in collaboration with its clients. The skills and spheres of expertise at ETS Racing Fuels demonstrate the knowledge of the relationships between structures and properties of racing fuels and lubricants.

The development, formulation and production of racing fuels and lubricants adhere to precise specifications. Solutions are provided to the problems every customer has, by in-depth study right from the design phase to the marketing phase, on scales varying from pilot blends to bulk large scale.

We work closely with our customers on and off the racing tracks. We have the skills to assist our customers on engine benches tests to optimize settings.
ETS Racing Fuels offers the possibility to develop bespoke products in order to obtain targeted performances based on either engine specifics, type of race or track, type regulation or team strategy (low consumption, reduction of operating temperature, reliability etc…).
The success of the company is evident in that more than 50 national and world champion titles have been won with factory and private teams using ETS Racing Fuels.
The range of premium, cutting edge racing fuels from ETS Racing Fuels is produced for use with motorbikes, cars and water sport equipment. 

The fuels are designed in close cooperation with engine manufacturers or teams to respond to all of the challenges that come with world-wide racing and regulations.

These working partnerships with companies from all over the world have been forged for decades making ETS Racing Fuels the fuel expert partner to the racing industry.

The strong and long term partnerships held by ETS Racing Fuels are a reflection of its capabilities and superior racing fuels 

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