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One-time racer and motor tuning specialist Mikael Andersen, founded ma-engines in 2011 at the age of 33, he startet in 1998 working on his own bikes, and helping other riders doing there engine and suspension set up. Ma-engines customers were mostly Honda-mounted motocrossers who wanted Mikael to provide the same set-ups that he had learned to dial in on Mikael's personal race machines. Word regarding the success of Mikael's motor building skills traveled around denmark ´s racetracks and in time the start of Ma-engines riders was formed. Mikael also had alot of now how on the suspension side on a dirtbike, therefor Mikael put all his energy on the shop's aftermarket hop-up service business full-time.

After perfecting his skills in the black arts of cylinder/head porting and polishing, Mikael also spend lots of his energy on suspension and other bike parts. Custom-tuned cylinder heads the first Ma-engines high-performance accessory to roll out of Mikael's cluttered speed shop, followed by his own suspension parts like fork spring kits for all the new air forks. Hop up business was brisk, and pretty soon every MA-equipped racer was requesting MA performance modifications for other parts of their bike. Ma-engines obliged by opening a suspension shop and expanding the available line of Ma engines products to suspension systems and motor accessories for different bike brands. With so many Ktm, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki-mounted racers across the nation running Ma-engines equipment, it didn't take long for the Ma brand to start to get championships. Ma-engines's racing success rekindled Mikael's competitive fires, so he startet his own raceteam (AMX-Racing-Team) in 2012 he set Ma-egines's sights on winning a national motocross championship.

Now in 2017 Mikael has ben nown as the mini bike specialist by winning more than 10 championships in the mini classes in 5 years.

In the start of 2016 the first service center saw it´s lights in Norway, whit such a big succes that Mikael got request from shops around the scandinavia and that how the brand MA-SERVICE CENTER got startet, and now has 5 centers in scandinavia.


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